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Does that mean a person has good and bad spirits that come and go to him, that do good and bad to them?
I am speaking of spirits in the spirit state that enter into your personal energy fields, such as your body’s energy fields, the energy fields of your home, or your family in your home with you. These spirits can be family members who have died and are now in the spirit state or they can be spirits that are unknown to you. Generally, this is not to a person’s higher good as the vibrations of the energy fields of disembodied spirits are disturbing the energy fields of the brain and body of those who are embodied. …..I strongly suggest you make it a point that you understand the spirits in your surroundings, practice every time to remove all the bad and negative spirits from your person, your home, and your family. You can do this with the help of a spiritual expert who possess the powers to control the spirits and who is well versed with different kinds of spirits such as Khokhovula. If your guiding spirits are still good, strong and protective enough, then just ask them to remove from you, your home, and your family all spirits that are not to your highest good.

What is the Will of the good spirits in your life?”

The Spirits give you the freedom to learn the lessons you choose to learn in any life you choose to live, but they make sure you are in a complete compelling situation abide by their doctrines.
Good spirits, love wisdom, knowledge and understanding that comes from the spiritual world. One must demand to be granted these blessings and it is always good to seek the positive if that is the lesson to be learned. It all depends on the lesson the spirit is here to learn or to teach you, yes the spirit has to understand the body and soul and all the waking life of a person, so is the body, soul and mind, they have to understand and accept the spirit, but only the good spirit.
Good spirits guides and protects their people they don’t relax and let negative spirits attack their people, their will is to see achievement in their people, and when they are hardships in their people they always come for protection and removal of such and that is only when they are pure and serviced.

What is servicing the spirits?

It is serving the spirits with their requirements such as traditional ceremonies, offerings, honoring their needs as per your family pattern of offering to your spiritual guides in line with your belief type (Only with true and the right spirits. When spirits are in need and not served with their needs, they may cause problems just to shake you up that you be aware of their needs and in that case you need a spiritual expert of the likes of Khokhovula Gundabaloyi to find out what is it that your spiritual guides want you to do.

In a person’s lifetime, what does the spirit has to learn, what is it that the person has to understand of the spirits?

The spirits needs to learn to understand that it is not only us humans who needs their help, they need us just as good as we need them. In our African way of spiritual practices and beliefs one is told by the spirits in a dream or through a spirit medium of the like of Khokhovula that the spirit of his family member is suffering in the colds as an earthly bound spirit, so in order for this spirit to transform into the spiritual world and perform pure guidance to the family, a particular family member or the dreamer has to perform some offerings to the spirit, failure to this, the person or the whole family has to be faced with a lot of problems and the total suffering.
The person in his lifetime has to understand that in order for him to get the blessing of the spirits he has to meet with the needs and the requirements of the spirits. The spirits also has to understand that for them to have their requirements done by their people, they (The spirits) must be active and useful to their people. In all this, people have to learn to make difference between the bad and the good spirits so that they don’t save the will of the bad spirits while thinking they are serving the good ones and end up suffering for the whole of their lives.
The spirits needs us the most than we need them, their bodies died so we serve as their shelters (Bodies).

Is there a way of finding out the skills and capabilities of your spiritual guide?

You cannot have a spiritual guide that relaxes and let your enemies in and have problems reigning in your life.
Enlightenment, options, abilities of your spiritual guide, it’s limitations, In other words, you have to know what the spirit is and its capabilities, what he wants in order to perform and provide for you. Look into your plans and achievements that will give you the rough measure of your spiritual guide performance. If you have a skillful, powerful and forceful spiritual guide you will be seen by your shrewdness and your winning attitude. That means your spiritual guide is a winner. You still can help your lazy losing spirit to be a winner through some rituals invoking them to perform better through a spiritualist of Khokhovula’s caliber.

One needs to learn more about the spirit?

Yes: Spirit is an expression of The Creator aspect of God’s Light. The essence of Spirit is creator light. The purpose of Creation is for spirit to express, explore, and experience creator light. To do so, God has given spirit the right to direct creator light within Creation. This is the meaning of free will: That GOD gives freely of its creator light to spirit; thus, whatever a spirit asks for the answer from GOD always is, “Yes, let it be done according to thy will.”

However, every spirit has more than one level of will: There is the higher will—which is the spiritual will. There is what a spirit thinks it wants and what it wants emotionally (which can be quite different from the rational thoughts). There are also the mental and emotional beliefs that a spirit imprints in its mind. One level of the will can block another level of the will. To have what one asks for, all levels of the will must find that desire acceptable.

When a spirit embodies in a human form, there is also the cellular level of this will. This is part of the limitations of being in physical form in the physical realm. A spirit can overcome the limitations of being in a physical form, when one’s lower thoughts and emotions are aligned with (in agreement with) higher thoughts and emotions.

All spirits can ask for higher spiritual guidance and higher spiritual information and will mentally receive the answers through thoughts, visions, and/or dreams, or more indirectly by being guided to the teachings of spiritualists. Dreams and visions are often symbolic, which means they must be interpreted correctly to be understood correctly. The more knowledge a spirit has, the better its ability to be aware of and understand what it receives

How would you define spirit?

Again, it’s a learning process. Experiential learning. It is why Earth has provided that level. Earth provides the opportunity to “learn by doing”; i.e. experiential learning.)
Having a personal relationship with your spirit is really a blessing especially when they are still in good state, pure and humble, guiding with integrity. One would ask himself ‘How do I connect with the spirits’, it is simple; some do it in a prayer but in many traditions people do it through burning of Impepho, sprinkling and sniffing of snuff, it is simply to live with the expectations of your spirits. It is just to follow your family spiritual pattern of spiritual life.

All of these expressions are references to every soul’s direct link to and connection with THE SOURCE, or GOD as you and I name THE SOURCE. The strongest link and connection is the spiritual level of a soul’s consciousness, which we refer to as the Higher Self. You can speak to God, or Higher Spirit, or Ancestors, if you prefer, and the response will come to you through your Higher Self which will give you the message in words it thinks you will best understand.

Your Higher Self guides you through your intuition, your sixth sense, your dreams and it communicate with you in your thoughts. When you get Higher Self guidance there is a calm, quiet, sense of KNOWING. This is why the Higher Self can also be called the meaningful Self. It can also be called the “Gut Self”, as the spirits does developing the ability to recognize your Higher Self, guidance is your best way of determining everything.

What is a lifetime in the spirit state?

A lifetime in the spirit state is when a spirit so closely observes and/or attaches to an embodied person that it emotionally identifies with that person’s life. Beliefs/programs and emotions, as well as lessons, in a lifetime in the spirit state can be brought forward into an embodied life.) with duties to be taken by both sides; that of the spirit and that of the waking life in connection with the spirits. It depends on the gift aligned with the body and the spirit attached.

Where does the spirit lives?

The Spirit lives in the spiritual world and operates within people on earth in their bodies leaning on their souls. While the body lives on earth as human but still has the need to connect with spiritual beings to manage the earth life. Spirits connect with other spirits and make requests in authoritative and stages and positions as it happens on earth with laws, government departments, chiefs and kings. They even make requests on our behalves for our requested needs; there in the spiritual world.

Your life purpose and the afterlife; is a complete makeover?

It counts as in what have you done well in your earth’s lifetime that is consistent with your purpose in afterlife lifetime; your waking life purpose on earth determines the strength of your after life as a spiritual guide or angel. There are people who put wealth together when they were still living on this world ‘earth’ and when they pass on and transform into the spiritual world as guiding spirits and angels they bring that power to families and make them cross bridges all the time ‘Win over’.

A life that was lived wickedly and was attached to spirit of poverty will always bring poorness to its people; such kind of spirit needs to be chased away and be replaced with spirits of achieving and that of wealth and success and that is done through strong spirit mediums who understand spirits as they differ and also have the power to expel the bad ones that treasure in poverty of their people. It all starts with the life lived on earth.

A true and useful spirit must be a consistent seeker and must learn to understand the limitations of his communication and attachment; he (The spirit) must not associate with those of negativity or connect with those in this particular bloodline who oppose wealth, good health, family wisdom, freedom and success; It is of a blessed purpose for him now, then the spirit exist for a greater purpose.

What does a life have to do well to achieve greater purpose?

Some people during their earth human life neglected some spiritual gifts and not do so well that requires improvement on their lives and that of their off-springs as required by their current angel guides which leads to their afterlife considered inferior in the afterlife.
Simply a person has to force to achieve the goals set forth in order to place a good space and position in the afterlife as a meaningful spirit that possess powers to break through and give blessings to his people. A life that had greater knowledge and power on earth will be the same and have the same purpose in the spiritual world.

Does a spirit go back to any of his living relatives?

Yes the spirits visit their relatives, yes. And they speak of their immediate past lives and the matters and the needs of those who passed on long ago? (Well, let’s ask that; are people that were with him in his past life, still with him today-some of them)?
Not everyone even in this spiritual state of him; more especially people who are not relatives, he might be with some relatives and struggling to find and connect with others due to his afterlife spiritual state. In other ways he can be a spirit with unresolved issues that hinders him to be with the whole family ancestor spirits; in this case it needs you the human relative to help resolve whatever issues and make him join others and this is done through some rituals and offerings.

Does a spirit know if he had wife/husband and children?

Yes the spirit knows he/she had a wife/husband and children in the previous life, signs were seen when some earthly bound spirits trouble and haunt couples who want to start over after their death through ghostly spirits and so on. Good spirit of people who lived life with a purpose will always want to find ways as in “how can I be a blessing to my wife, husband children, siblings and Mother in this current life in a spiritual state?” And that comes from that life on earth if the person was a useful figure of the family; it all starts with your life on earth as human.

Were there Spirits before the birth of Christ?

Spirits started with the existence of early mankind, Jesus was born when there were so many beliefs and spiritual and religious politics, spiritual beliefs are far older than Jesus, and they are the main reason people had to come with the concept of the Messiah. People in the Hebrew to Judaism to Christianity altogether with the Roman Pagans were doing burnt offerings and that was part of their spiritual beliefs, worship and activities. In other parts of the world people were doing spiritual beliefs and worship in their own ways. The spirits are as old as the foundation of the universe.

Me Khokhovula in this lifetime what is my work, what do I have to do in this lifetime?

My work is to do Spiritual communication…spiritual communication with higher levels. (Meaning communicating with higher levels of spirit), giving information based on Spiritual and Traditional healing, the Blessing, Power giving, Prophetic and miraculous powers as well as healing and solving spiritual problems of different people of the world. Be a useful figure of the family by gathering much-much more and help my Khokhovula community and followers to gather much and much-much more.
A useful soul must know and understand the spirits in the earth and afterlife lifetime he has to even know much about spirit when he has passed on because he is there in the spirit world. How is it they forget so much when they get there? It is because that soul had weaker purposes even during his/her earth life as human

Spirit and the body.

When a spirit embodies in human form, only part of the spirit is in the body. The higher consciousness of the spirit—the Higher Self—is not in the body. The limitations of the physical form of the body cause the part of the spirit in the body (Lower Self) to consciously forget past lives and what was learned in them. However, the subconscious remembers, as does the Higher Self, and when information that has been learned in the past is presented again in the present, the Lower Self can usually embrace that information more quickly and/or alter it with new awareness and understanding gained in the present.)
The Spirits have a strong influence on this life, they are always seeking more knowledge of higher communication, whether they have been embodied or in spirit. The spirits always study man ‘Humanoid body’ they are inspired by hidden skills, talent and ability that he is not aware of. Yes, even though, the spirits have been supportive to the abilities of a soul called man ‘You,’ the humanoid in the body and the spirit not in a humanoid body—always seeking to learn more and it is where they partly reside.

A message I send to the Spirits.

I ask his Higher Self to give guidance to his cell structure in the human body and in his seeking the information he seeks and to embrace it not as a mysterious thing but as what you would learn in your quest for knowledge above the spirit and the human and the connection between those two ‘The body and the spirit’.
I ask the spirits to work with integrity to cover every one who needs their emergency attention all the time as the humble servants of the universe. I ask the spirits to protect their people from enemies and the bad happenings all the time. I ask the spirits to end wars, poverty, dry seasons and all the suffering all the time, I ask the spirits to burn and destroy all the evil that troubles the universe and I finally ask the spirits to bless the blesses to bless,

The need and the requirement by the spirit.

Studying, checking and researching about you doing analysis the spirits may use that information to validate their own ability to expect, receive and embrace that which was given to them by you and you receive the blessings, total guidance, protection and so on than those who did not give. Spirits always there to make sure you are well with everything, not to prove anything and they don’t like to be challenged. They like questioning things and they complain by actions; for instance, if you ignore their needs, they might punish you with small problems so that you turn back to them.

Khokhovula’s message to his readers and followers.

I Khokhovula will give the spiritual information that is required and requested and it is up to the receiver to accept and prove to themselves. If you prove to yourself the power of your own then the spirits always add to that and you gather more and much-much more


Khokhovula is a Spiritualist, a spirit medium, traditional healer, a fortune teller altogether. He is an Inyanga, a Sangoma and he is well versed with rituals of people of different ethnics. He was born of the small but spiritually centered Jahunda people and grew up in a broad and famous Nguni cultures and traditional beliefs. He is born in the midst of traditional healing, spirit medium ship and also witchcraft (Psychic attacks).

The families in his father and mother’s sides are filled with traditional healers, spirit mediums, the rain Queens, Witches and Wizards (Izinyanga, Izangoma, Izanusi, Abathandazi Nabathakathi. His father was known for the punishment of thieves, witch-hunt, lightining and rain rituals, casting of ghosts and any kind of evil spirits. He also was well-known for bringing ancestral spirits and families together, giving powers to other spiritualists such as Sangomas, Nyangas, Zanusis, Prophets, church Bishops, Pastors/Priests (Psychic readers, Fortune tellers, Clairvoyance, Spirit mediums, and the rain Queens).

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